Blackpool IDTA 2016 Nationwide

November 2016

Once again a very big Well Done to ALL of the Smart Rockers who competed in this years final and thanks to the many supporters that cheered them on.

I am sure you will all agree that once again the Smart Rockers Blackpool outing was a brilliant success and in true SRs style we sure had fun!


Many thanks to Dave Phillips for all the great pictures he took which are posted on the following link:

Clikc here for the pics

Role of Honour
Nationwide Freestyle Finals 2016

Over 50
1st place Mo and Alex
3rd place Janet and Mark
4th place Jan and Ian
5th place Sandra and Dave
7th place Wendy and Terry
8th place Lynn and Chrissy

Over 35
1st place Tina and Taff

Over 26
8th place Stuart and Eileen

Every one of our eight couples got in to the final rounds and went home with a cup outstanding performance! Well done Smart Rockers!